Diamond Marine Services

Diamond marine services is a general ship supplier covering vessels in all Egyptian ports and while transiting Suez Canal.

We offer our clients a wide variety of products suppling all kinds of provisions, cabin, deck, engine stores, bonded items, stationery, galley utensils, nautical publications, spares, machinery, chemicals, maintenance products, laundry services, and the list goes on.

Offers a wide range of frozen, dry and fresh provisions being offered at your service, fulfilling your expectations to the fullest. Frozen products are being supplied on board with keeping the cold chain, right from our cold rooms in our warehouse via refrigerated trucks. Many local tastes from all around the world are exquisitely stored in our transit warehouse for you to feel at home. Having a perfect climate and a long history of production culture in this geography, we offer you various sorts of fresh and dairy products collected daily.

Diamond Marine Services Co offers vessel protection and anti piracy items: Razor wire concertina, Barbed Wire, Seizing Wire, Wire Mesh Fence, Night Vision Binoculars , anti-shatter film, fire hoses, sand bags, human Dummies, Wire rope, Wire rope cutters, Standard wire clips, Cable Ties, gloves for handling razor wire, hand flare, line throwing apparatus and smoke signals.

Diamond marine services is committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality products and services conforming to industry best practices, total transparency and continuous process improvements. We at diamond follow a simple mantra; a satisfied customer is our primary goal.

365 days, 24 hours, non-stop operation & delivery

Managing Director: Ahmed ElSaied
Mob: +(2010) 0565 3177
Follow Us    diamond@diamondmarine-eg.com